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March 2019

Tips to transplant tulips

Email your gardening questions to Keith at Q:  How do I transplant tulips? I have a pot of them that have died back. A:   Tulips do not tend to flower but once in our area. Therefore, they are considered disposable. You [Read More]

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News provided by city of St. Augustine

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Parking area provided, but is not complimentary The City of St. Augustine welcomes motorcycle enthusiasts who are visiting the area for Bike Week, the annual Daytona Beach event through March 17. As has been the custom for [Read More]

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‘Ideas, Images’ series concluding

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Jane Landers, Ph.D., Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of History and director of Slave Societies Digital Archive at Vanderbilt University, will continue the conversation surrounding this year’s theme on “Cultural [Read More]

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Talks, camp set at Lighthouse

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Mike Usina and his friend Phil Castillo will be at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum on Tuesday, March 12 to demonstrate Minorcan cast net making. Usina, St. Augustine native and Minorcan descendent, [Read More]

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