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March 2018

Rhythm & Ribs spicing up old town

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Barbecue to please the most discriminating taste, entertainment for all ages and lots more will be on tap April 6-8 when the Sunrise Rotary sponsors the annual Rhythm & Ribs Festival at St. Francis Field. A Saturday [Read More]

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Two flutes and a piano at Grace

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Music for Two Flutes and Piano will be presented at 5 p.m April 7 at Grace United Methodist Church, 8 Carrera St. Featured will be flutists Melissa Lucia and Christine Alicot and pianist Michael Clark presenting music by [Read More]

March 25, 2018 // 0 Comments

Let there be light and more light

By ANGELA deGREGORY SAINT AUGUSTINE – When visiting the Lightner Museum people immediately take notice of the exhibits.  Under the surface however, there are other important details too. For example, keeping the lights on at the Lightner. [Read More]

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JU Orchestra at St. Anastasia

By LORRAINE THOMPSON  SAINT AUGUSTINE – The Jacksonville University Orchestra, numbering over 60 musicians, will close out the 2017-18 concert series at St. Anastasia Catholic Church on Sunday, April 22.  The concert, which begins at 6 p.m., [Read More]

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The color makes a difference

Fabric can almost come alive. Along with the texture of fabric, there is the color of fabric.  We all feel at our best when we feel comfortable, confident and at ease.  Those are the times we nail a presentation, land an important job, snag a [Read More]

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On Cherokee bean and hydrangea

Q:   I saw a humming bird in a wild area of my yard. It was feeding on red flowers from a tall flower spike. I’ve never noticed the plant before. It has triangular shaped leaves that are near the ground. I would plant more of this if I knew what [Read More]

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Spring shuttle continues, other news

SAINT AUGUSTINE – News from the City of St. Augustine: The city’s free Spring Shuttle continues to grow in popularity having already served 3,666 passengers in just it’s first three days of operation. That means an estimated 1,200 [Read More]

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Early birds meeting

SAINT AUGUSTINE – The Ancient City Early Birds morning meeting begins at 8 a,.m. March 27 at Growers Alliance Cafe and Gift Shop, 322 Anastasia Blvd. Those attending will be ordering from the menu, so those planning to attend are asked to RSVP [Read More]

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