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July 2017

‘Read a book, see the film’

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Friends of the Corazon, Inc., in partnership with the St. Johns County Public Library System are introducing “Read a Film.” The event is described as “Read the Book, then See the Film,” with author [Read More]

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Lots going on at state parks

PALATKA – Events ranging from kayaking to an ice cream social for members-only are planned by Ravine Gardens State Park, Dunns Creek State Park and Palatka-to-St. Augustine State Trail. At Dunns Creek, kayaking classes and tours will be [Read More]

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Incensed Professor No. 9: Great and Good

The Incensed Professor at Sea 9:  The Great and the Good “The Great and the Good” seem less in evidence these days than heretofore.  They turn out for Royal Weddings and aristocratic funerals.  They put in appearances at the Royal Enclosure [Read More]

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Playing piano and sewing a lot alike

Is it possible that playing the piano is similar to sewing? I was taking my weekly piano lesson when my teacher said something that made light bulbs go off in my brain. And I’m not talking 75 watt light bulbs – .I’m talking 100 watt or [Read More]

July 31, 2017 // 2 Comments

Belly dancing and lots more at the COA

SAINT AUGUSTINE  – The Council on Aging announces a variety of upcoming events both in St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach. The St. Johns County Falls Prevention Coalition, in conjunction with National Falls Prevention Day, is getting ready [Read More]

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Something’s eating geranium leaves

Q:    What is eating the leaves of my geraniums? They are in pots on my deck and I do not see any insects. There are all kinds of holes in their leaves. A:    Geraniums provide a favorite meal for snails and slugs. The damage you describe [Read More]

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Calling ‘Illegally Yours’ extras

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Save the date!: Calling all Illegally Yours extras!  It’s 1987 all over again Here in the Ancient City, locals and visitors tend to assign the word “history” to something that is too far away to relate to, or even [Read More]

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