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Calling ‘Illegally Yours’ extras

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Save the date!: Calling all Illegally Yours extras!  It’s 1987 all over again

Here in the Ancient City, locals and visitors tend to assign the word “history” to something that is too far away to relate to, or even remember.  The St. Augustine Historical Society has a message for all of us:  we make history every day, and sometimes we get the Hollywood Treatment!

Illegally yours

It has been just over 30 years since the production company of Dino DeLaurentiis invaded St. Augustine in January 1987, led by the likes of Peter Bogdanovich and Rob Lowe.  The next four months were spent filming Illegally Yours, the story of Richard Dice, a guy down on his luck who ends up doing jury duty during the murder trial of his childhood crush, played by movie veteran Colleen Camp.

Of course Richard will be inspired to prove his love innocent, and being a Peter Bogdanovich film, it will be a madcap experience that finds the cast members running all over scenic downtown St. Augustine in search of incriminating evidence and solid alibis.

The production of Illegally Yours made its presence felt on a daily basis during one of St. Augustine’s coldest winters:  as the film was set at Christmas time, the City of St. Augustine left Christmas decorations up through April which left many a tourist wondering what time of year it was.  Another highlight was the modification of the Old Fort as a millionaire’s residence, and the garden party atmosphere of filming with hundreds of local extras that took place at the Fort. The crew spent over three weeks at the Fort filming scenes that take up just over 15 minutes of screen time.

The St. Augustine Historical Society, in partnership with the St. Johns County Public Library, the Castillo de San Marcos with the sponsorship of the National Park Service, and the St. Augustine Amphitheater have planned two events to commemorate the cinematic adventure that cost $13 million and earned about $260,000 at the box office.

The first event will be a giant group photo of all locals who played a part in the film as an extra, production assistant or other crew member.  This will happen at the Castillo on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 5:15 pm. Spread the word!  We want everyone who was a part of this experience to join us in recognizing this moment in St. Augustine’s unique history as a popular film location.


The second event will be a special screening of Illegally Yours at the St. Augustine Amphitheater on Wednesday, Oct.r 11 at 7 pm.  Join residents and visitors alike and see St. Augustine as it has rarely been seen.  See how movie magic can rearrange downtown city streets, use three buildings to create the County Courthouse, and really put a person in two places at once.  As an added bonus, the film provides rare visual evidence that once upon a time there really were sand dunes on Porpoise Point.

Admission to the screening of Illegally Yours is free.

To learn more about these events, and to share your own story about Illegally Yours, send a message to llegallyyoursevent@gmail.comor look out for updates on Twitter: @IllegallyUrsSTA and on Instagram @oldesthouse

Remember, history is made every day, and you are a part of it!

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