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On Cherokee bean and hydrangea

Q:   I saw a humming bird in a wild area of my yard. It was feeding on red flowers from a tall flower spike. I’ve never noticed the plant before. It has triangular shaped leaves that are near the ground. I would plant more of this if I knew what it was.

A:    Cherokee bean is the common name for this plant. It is rarely seen for sale. The plant will grow seed pods. Once the pod browns, the seed can be collected and planted.

Q:   I have a hydrangea that stays green. It never blooms. What can be done to it?

A:   Hydrangeas normally begin blooming in May in North Florida. Do not prune it now as this could eliminate flowering. Although hydrangeas grow in shade, if it is too low of a light source, they will not bloom. It should get some broken light during the day. Feed them in the spring.


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