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The color makes a difference

Fabric can almost come alive. Along with the texture of fabric, there is the color of fabric.  We all feel at our best when we feel comfortable, confident and at ease.  Those are the times we nail a presentation, land an important job, snag a date, and click with friends.  What do all these things have in common?  The influence of color.  Yes, color.  There is a secret of knowing what to wear and when to wear it so you can maximize any opportunity, whether it is in love, at work, or with the family.

You are actually eight basic colors.  Five of these colors help you express who you are.

  1. Your essence color:  your vulnerable color; your version of white, a skin tone that harmonizes the colors in the palm of your hand.
  2. 2.  Your romantic color:  your passion color; your version of red found by gently pinching a fingertip—or the color of your blushing face.
  3. 3.  Your dramatic color:  your “look at me” color, your version of blue, found in the color of the veins in your wrist.
  4. 4.  Your energy color:  the color that supports you when you need a pick-me-up, taken from the darkest part of your iris (but not the ring around the iris in your eye).
  5. Your tranquil color:  your peaceful color, taken from the lightest part of

your iris.


Then there are three neutral colors that complete your wardrobe basics.

  1. Your version of black:  the most flattering dark color for you, taken from the ring around your iris.
  2. Your version of brown:  a more casual, medi7um-dark, shade, taken from the darkest part of your hair.
  3. Your version of Khaki:  your best light color, taken from the lightest part of your hair.


There usually is one color, when  you wear it, people say, “boy, you look good.”  That color for me is a bright blue.   What is that color for you?

About Sally Cowan (51 Articles)
After Keeping You in Stitches for over 45 years, Sally enjoys her memories of events that happened on her way to retirement. Author of 6 books, lectures, teaching, and TV host on PBS and now has time for her many cats and Snuggles, the dog. She also loves playing trumpet in the Anastasia Baptist Church orchestra.

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