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Teachers of Year Named In St. Johns


St. Johns County School District has announced selections for 2016-17 teachers and rookie teachers of the year for the district’s 36 schools as well as St. Johns Virtual School, First Coast Technical College and The Florida School of the Deaf and the Blind.

Investing in Kids (INK) puts on the banquet to recognize excellence in the teaching profession. For more info or tickets for the event, contact INK at 904-547-7124 or

While teachers of the year were a long-standing tradition it was not until 10 years ago that rookie teachers began being added as a way of saluting new educators. In order to qualify they must have three years in the classroom

Overall winners will be announced Jan. 23, at a celebration at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village. The teacher of the year is then included for consideration as the Florida Department of Education Macy’s Teacher of the Year.

                2016-17 Teachers of the Year


John A. Crookshank Elementary — Renee Hobbs;

Cunningham Creek Elementary — Dana Kelly

Durbin Creek Elementary — Kara Bird;

W. D. Hartley Elementary — Kathleen Schooley;

Hickory Creek Elementary — Wendy Teaman;

R. B. Hunt Elementary — Agatha Christine

Julington Creek Elementary — Wendy Gilbert

Ketterlinus Elementary — Mary Ballinger

Otis A. Mason Elementary — Laura “Anje” Newbold;

Mill Creek Elementary — Carolyn Ramsay;

Ocean Palms Elementary — Lauren Tate Wade;

Osceola Elementary —  Ryan “Kirby” Quam;

Palencia Elementary — Laura Simpson;

PVPV/Rawlings Elementary — Leslie Cabo Dal Molin

South Woods Elementary — Sally Cunningham;

Timberlin Creek Elementary — Lisa Barnett

Wards Creek Elementary — Kristin Fanning; and

The Webster School —  Richard R. Thomas Jr.


Liberty Pines Academy —  Kristin Latshaw;

Patriot Oaks Academy — Allyson Jordan; and

Valley Ridge Academy — Megan Leighty


Bartram Trail High — Claire Bynum;

Creekside High — Mallory Padgett;

Fruit Cove Middle — Steven Whitmer;

Gaines Alternative and Transition — Heather May;

Alice B. Landrum Middle — Sandra Pagliughi;

Pedro Menendez High — Celeste Bowker;

R.J. Murray Middle — Jodi O. Lanford;

Allen D. Nease High — Susan Lycke;

Pacetti Bay Middle — Jennifer Cooper;

Ponte Vedra High — Charles Cerrato;

Gamble Rogers Middle — Robin Rucker;

Sebastian Middle — Kristina Harvey;

St. Augustine High — Nancy Snell;

St. Johns Technical High — Ryan Sirak;

Switzerland Point Middle — Rachel Farris;

First Coast Technical College — Ronald Story;

St. Johns Virtual School — Ginger Baker-Sanhueza; and

The Florida School for The Deaf and The Blind — April Wallace


2016-17 Rookie Teachers of the Year


John A. Crookshank Elementary — Jenny Moore-Jones;

Cunningham Creek Elementary — London Marlar

Durbin Creek Elementary — Victoria Cobb

W.D. Hartley Elementary — Kimberly R. Sikes

Hickory Creek Elementary — Aishla Acevedo Rodriguez;

R.B. Hunt Elementary — Cagney Carbone

Julington Creek Elementary — Trey Lewek;

Ketterlinus Elementary — Pamela P. Jett;

Otis A. Mason Elementary — Virginia Jones

Mill Creek Elementary — Danielle Johnson

Ocean Palms Elementary — Christopher Arcuri

Osceola Elementary — Alexandria L. Pappas;

Palencia Elementary — Angela Erney;

PVPV/Rawlings Elementary — Susan Luce;

South Woods Elementary — Sydney Newton;

Timberlin Creek Elementary — Whitney Fischer;

Wards Creek Elementary — Lauren Seckinger
; and

The Webster School — Stephanie Colsant


Liberty Pines Academy — Jenna Josephson;

Patriot Oaks Academy — Megan Doxzon
; and

Valley Ridge Academy — Sarah Lively.


Bartram Trail High — Kathryn Gouch

Creekside High — Kaley Still

Fruit Cove Middle School — Kristen Alford

Gaines Alternative and Transition — Raymond K. Howe III

Alice B. Landrum Middle — Martha Wray

Pedro Menendez High — Kathleen Wolfe;

Allen D. Nease High — Amy Gruhn;

Pacetti Bay Middle — Anna L. Armitage;

Ponte Vedra High — Philip Sabado;

Gamble Rogers Middle — Morgane Van Waeyenberghe

Sebastian Middle — Kate E. Ducote

St. Augustine High – Lynne Tiner

St. Johns Technical High -. Jarrod Branco

Switzerland Point Middle — Michael Shine;

First Coast Technical College — Matthew Provost.



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