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Palatka Commissioners Take Oath


Tammie Williams, left, and Mary Lawson Brown at reception before their official swearing-in ceremony. Both were recently elected to four year terms.


Longtime Palatka City Commissioner and Vice Mayor Mary Lawson Brown and first-time City Commissioner Tammie Williams were sworn into office Jan. 9  as three mayors watched.

On hand for the event were former Palatka mayors Tim Smith, now current Putnam County clerk of court, and the Rev. Karl Flagg, who just went off the county commission board. Current Mayor Terrell Hill was the third mayor at the ceremony.

Family members, friends and city officials made up the bulk of the audience at City Hall following a reception at the St. Johns River Center.

Brown has been on the commission for 32 years and serves on the insurance board of the Florida League of Cities. She and her sons run the E.W. Lawson & Son Funeral Home and Cemetery, a family business founded by her grandparents.

Williams, a political newcomer, won her first election beating Commissioner James Norwood Jr. Williams is a dean at C.H. Price Middle School in Interlachen.


Commissioner James Norwood Jr. and City Manager Terry Suggs talk during reception at the St. Johns River Center Monday, Jan. 9.


Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Vice President for Economic Development Brian Bergen, Betty Willis, son Sam Willis and Chamber President Dana Jones at reception.


Nearly 100 people turned out for a reception at the St. Johns River Center in Palatka before swearing in ceremonies at City Hall in Palatka. City Clerk Betsy Driggers and City Administrative Assistant Vicki Young oversaw details.

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