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Cooler weather equals jeans


When we get cold weather I think “jeans.”

Everyone loves jeans. But here is a question. Have you noticed that no matter how many pairs of jeans you own, you always end up wearing the same pair? You can try on the same brand and the same size and they won’t feel the same. We end up keeping them until we literally bury them.

Pants have a strange history. The history of pants goes back to 1851. Inspired by the pants worn by Turkish women. Amelia Jenks Bloomer first wore long harem-styled pants which came to be known as bloomers.

In 1911, French couturier Paul Poiret introduced the pantaloons gown or harem skirt.  Starting in 1914, women wore pants for wartime work during World War 1.  In 1917, ladies wore pajamas to entertain at home. Inspired by sailors’ bell-bottoms, Chanel introduced “yachting” pants in 1920.  This style continues to appear periodically in Chanel collections.  Chanel tarted wearing evening pajamas in 1920.  Marlene Dietrich wore men’s trousers for a stroll along the Seine and was ordered off the street by the Paris chief of police in 1932. During the 1930’s, Chanel designed evening pant suits in fabrics such as lace and sequins.  Christian Dior’s New Look dominated fashion and pants disappeared in 1947.

Did you have any idea that the creation of pants was so involved in our history?  Oh, but there is more to the story.  I not only will be keeping you in stitches, but I will also keep you in suspense.

You might want to check back and read the “rest of the story.”

About Sally Cowan (50 Articles)
After Keeping You in Stitches for over 45 years, Sally enjoys her memories of events that happened on her way to retirement. Author of 6 books, lectures, teaching, and TV host on PBS and now has time for her many cats and Snuggles, the dog. She also loves playing trumpet in the Anastasia Baptist Church orchestra.

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