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History of pants continues

My last article was starting to talk about the history of pants.

They didn’t just happen.

I covered 1851 to 1947 and I will pick up this story with Elvis Presley. Elvis gyrated in jeans so Rock ‘n Roll was born in the l950’s.

Remember the Space Age?

In 1964, Andre Courreges showed his collection with pants for day and evening city and country.  Worn with boots, the straight pants were very long and vented at center front to fit over the instep and extend the line. Then St. Laurent enters the picture.  In 1966 he introduced his famous trouser suits.

In 1971, St. Laurent introduced short shorts called “hot pants” on the couture catwalk.  Hip huggers and bell-bottoms were next in 1974. Finally fashion jeans appeared on the streets of Sydney, Rome, New York and Paris in 1979.  Model Brooke Shields appeared on TV and billboards wearing her Calvin Klein’s. Karl Lagerfeld introduced leggings in the Chanel couture collection in 1988.

As you can see, pants have a very long history. I know people have very strong feelings about pants, but at least the good news is there are a wide variety of pants and usually a pair to fit all occasions. Yes, I admit I would rather wear pants than hose and a skirt.

But back to your favorite pair of jeans. The ONLY way to duplicate that pair, the pair that is dying on the vine, is to carefully take it apart and make your own pattern.

This is one of those projects you do slowly. While watching TV, take the pants apart stitch by stitch. Iron out the pieces and presto, you have your own pattern. Carefully select the fabric. Try and enjoy the process along with the final product.  There is always that pair you put on when you get home….that’s the pair I’m talking about.

Feel free to leave comments, questions, and suggestions, whatever you like.

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