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Fuller’s Facts and FAQs

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  2. Q. Where can I get garlic plants? I would like to grow some elephant garlic.
  1. A. To start garlic, buy some heads of garlic and refrigerate them for several months. Plant them out in a sunny area. Set the cloves two to three inches deep.
  1. Q. Can I grow the ginger root that is sold in grocery stores in my yard?
  1. A. Yes, plant them in late winter in an area that is sunny but not late in the afternoon. It will take about a year before it will be ready to harvest. The entire plant is lifted out of the ground and the tubers taken. Some can be replanted for the next crop.


Keith Fuller Continuing Lecture Series – Spring Planting: What, Where and How  final lecture in this series continues from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Garden Club of St. Augustine, 3440 Old Moultrie Road. Donation is $10. Call 904-794-5274 for reservations.

Spring garden including newer and tried and true varieties will be discussed including flowers, vegetables, perennials.

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