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SAFE launches drive to help Skippy and give Ernie peace of mind about the pup

The message from SAFE this past Tuesday, Valentine’s Daywas ” Let’s mend Ernie’s broken heart – by letting him know that his beloved Skippy is safe and getting lots of attention .
Every day for a very long time Ernie came to SAFE and walked Skippy. He took him for outings, car rides, talked to him and loved him. Skippy loved Ernie and Ernie loved Skippy.
Skippy can be a good boy, but is unpredictable at times and will bite .He has long hair,  and we have him put under and groomed at the vets
Ernie has been sick, including a stint in the hospital, and cannot now come to work with his beloved Skippy. He is extremely worried about him  Both are very anxious and worried about the other
Ernie’s wish is that Skippy find a person to accept him and work with him as he is, respect his differences, not push him past what he will accept .
He would also like Skippy to be able to receive training and better his chances for adoption.
SAFE has launched a campaign to raise the $850 for Skippy to go to ICNDF Training Institute .

If you would like to donate to send Skippy to school you may do so online at , by mail SAFE PO Box 840215, St Augustine Fl 32080 or drop off a donation at any SAFE location

Thank you everyone . and thank you from Ernie and Skippy


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