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Lend a hand to North Beaches residents

A message from the North Shores Improvement Association:

“It has been almost 5 months since the hurricane and many of us are either just getting back into our homes or are still displaced. Since closing down the donation centers around town, it is apparent that the needs are still great but are changing from items like blankets, clothing and food to kitchen appliances, furniture and beds as people transition back into their homes.

“If you or someone you know still have needs due to losses occurred from the hurricane, I want to try and help. This is a case by case basis, so if you send me a list of things, I will research and put you in contact with someone willing to donate the item(s). I may or may not be able to find them, but I would like to try.

If you have any items to donate, please let me know. I have no storage, so it will be a matter of me taking a list of things and trying to match someone up. Do not expect the item to be removed immediately.

“You will have to work out the transporting of the items between yourself and the donor.

Examples of items:
Stove – electric
Kitchen sink
Mattress/box spring
Set of table dishes for 4

Please be as specific or detailed as possible. If you need/have a sink, I need to know kitchen or bathroom, the size and if there are any other specifics regarding it. 

Please send your first/Last Name, address of damaged property, phone number and email to: 

Martha Nourse

North Shores Improvement Association
120 Meadow Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084



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