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Students participate in history fair

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Students in St. Johns County are given the opportunity to take an active role in historical research through the Florida History Fair‘s annual themed contest. This year, the theme for the Florida History Fair was “Take a Stand” which encouraged students to explore when, how, and why groups and individuals have taken a firm position on a particular issue. The Florida History Day explains that students “need to begin research with secondary sources to gain a broader context, then progress to finding primary sources, and finally make an argument about the effects of a topic in history.”
The St. Johns County History Fair provides students an opportunity to present their research. As sponsors of the St. Johns County History Fair, we are excited to see students engaging with history and generating such wonderful projects.


2017 Winners

The 2017 winners are listed here. The first and second place winners will advance to the state level competition on May 7-9..
Junior Level Paper

o    Honorable Mention – “Dazexiang Uprising,” Vivian Lam

o    “John Adams Takes a Stand,” Benjamin Welu

o    “The Most Influential Abolitionist of the 19th Century,” Simril Colson

Senior Level Paper

o    Honorable Mention – “Nuts” Robert Bo Schrader

o    “The Animus of Attica,” Wilfred Nelson

Junior Level Individual Exhibit

o    Honorable Mention – “Prudence Crandall: A Visionary American Educator and Early Supporter of Civil Rights,” Jillian Yuskis

o    “The Establishment of the Electoral College,” Kendyll Gabriel”

·         Third Place

o    “Theodore Roosevelt: Protecting the Environment,” Caroline Rice

o    Second Place – “Nicholas Winton,” Noah Chehata

o    First Place – “The Little Rock Nine,” Gracie Bell

Senior Level Individual Exhibit 

o    Honorable Mention – “President Eloy Alfaro: The Greatest Ecuadorian,” Marc Moreira

o    “Martin Luther King Jr: Taking a Stand for Civil Rights in the Oldest City,”Alexandra Petrilli

o    First Place – “The Greenbelt Movement,” Caroline Dent

Junior Level Group Exhibit

o    Honorable Mention – “Muhammad Ali: Takes a Stand Against the Vietnam War,” Erin Lutjes and Ella Shapiro

o    “Mahatma Ghandi and the Salt March,” Grace Richards and Makhalia Mills

o    First Place – “Lenin,” Justin Evans and Jackson Carnaghi

Senior Level Group Exhibit

o    Third Place – “Alexander Hamilton,” Jacob Posey, Madison Hood, and Edwin Baker Herrin

o    Second Place – “Martin Luther: Creator of the 95 Theses,” Matthew Howard, Bailey Wagoner, and Annessa Michalak

o    First Place – “Nelson Mandela,” Madison Lucchino and Peter Lucchino

Junior Level Individual Documentary

o    Honorable Mention – “Nuclear Weapons: The Controversy,” Katherine Bi-Ji

·         Third Place

o    “Telsa and Edison: Taking a Stand Against Each Other,” Elliot Kantor

o    Second Place – “Harriet Beecher Stowe Takes a Stand,” Brandon Dahlman

o    First Place – “The Fight for Women’s Rights,” Mia Moore

Senior Level Individual Documentary

o    Honorable Mention – “The Evolution of Gender Perception and Sexuality,” Kendall Southworth

o    First Place – “Eugene v. Debs,” Graeme Caldwell

Senior Level Group Documentary

o    Honorable Mention – “Martin Luther,” Eleanor Politt, Cameron Schaublin and Sierra Morris

Junior Level Individual Performance

o    Honorable Mention – “Marua Mestre de los Dolores Andreu,” Anna Donalson

Junior Level Group Performance

o    Honorable Mention – “Marie Curie,” Mikaela Cohen and Garrett Owen

o    Second Place – “Women Standing Up in History”

§  Kelly Yuan, Sophia Crawford, Malak Ayoub, and Sievalee Wijayawardhana”

o    First Place – “Standing Up in History: Newspaper Boys of 1899,” Alan Michael, Haiden Morris and Daniel Fedchenko

Junior Level Individual Website

o    Honorable Mention – “Wendy Davis,” Amy Horn

·         Third Place

o    “The Birmingham March,” Emily Friedman

o    Second Place – “Dred Scott v. Sanford,” Jordan Levy

o    First Place – “The Buddhist Crisis of 1963,” Alison Rhoads
Senior Level Individual Website

o    Honorable Mention – “The Silent Holocaust,” Maria Rea

Junior Level Group Website

o    Third Place – “Thomas Jefferson: Taking a Stand Against British Tyranny,” Nicklas Rice and Andrew Daragjati

o    Second Place – “Civil Rights: So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It,” Mia Gomez and Skylar Kyle

o    First Place – “3…2…1… Blast Off for the Space Race: John F. Kennedy’s Influence in the Start of the First Space Program in the United States,” Anoushka Patel and Theresa Le

Senior Level Group Website

o    Honorable Mention – “It Actually Happened in October: The Women’s March on Versailles,” Ava Dubose, Elijah Smith, and Jason Wilmot

o    “A Launch into New History: The Apollo Missions,” Arianna Mazzoni and Thomas Lake Voiles


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