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Horticulture tips from Keith Fuller

Q    A friend bought some caladium bulbs from the Pilot Club and gave me some. I do not know how or where to plant them.

A  Caladiums are good choices for shade. Plant them about two inches deep. They like the soil to be warm before they begin to grow. Set them out in late spring.

Q    I have an allamanda that I really enjoy. Someone told me that it is poisonous. Is this true?

A   The allamanda is listed as a poisonous plant. When cut, it bleeds a milky latex that some people get a rash from when contact is made. If ingested the plant can cause a negative reaction but normally it is self limiting.

Q    I have a bougainvillea in the yard that I want to put into a pot. When can this be done?

A   As long as you protect it from cold it can be done at any time.

Q    I have a butterfly bush that has finished blooming. It has a lot of brown flowers on it. Should these be cut off?

A    The brown flowers are seed capsules and they should be removed. The butterfly bush produces flowers on new growth so cut the old blooms off and feed the plant to encourage more flowers.



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