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Blueberry Bonanza in Bostwick

The Blueberry Festival in Bostwick was another great success this year. Read all about it!

Pies, muffins, pancakes, and more – there’s no end to the number of delicious delicacies that can be made better with the addition of blueberries.  In fact, the only thing that can make blueberries better is more blueberries!

That’s what got sisters Anne and Patricia Hartwig thinking almost twenty years ago.  They started out baking just pies, with over a hundred pies baked in a simple oven at Patricia’s fishing camp.  It wasn’t long before Patricia’s sister from St. Augustine, Brenda Sawyer, joined in, and the trio were making two hundred pies in their two-oven kitchen at the Bostwick Community Center.  The fresh blueberries are donated by Miller Blueberry Farm, and 4-5 cups of the juicy berries go into each pie.  Despite long hours – they begin at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday and don’t stop until late Thursday night! – they have a lot of fun and always enjoy the process.

Those pies join a slew of jumbo blueberry muffins and fresh blueberry pancackes on sale at the Bostwick Blueberry Festival each year.  This year was as successful as always, with money raised for local charity organizations.   The Festival raises money to give two large scholarships to local seniors, $500 for the Bostwick Library, and sizeable donations to the local human society, cancer society, Police Boys, Friends of the Library, 4-H, and Boyscouts.

This year the Palatka Sunrise Rotary Chapter 6970 manned a booth at the festival to sell breakfasts of made-from-scratch blueberry pancakes, rich blueberry syrup, and sausage.  The money raised also went to the local community.

Did you go to the Blueberry Festival this year?  What was your favorite booth?  Next year promises to be just as amazing, so look out for the dates in late April 2018.

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