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SAINT AUGUSTINE – times good that civic groups do is unnoticed. Every year StAR Council donates funding to ArtBreakers for the benefit of cancer victims in the community.
The money we receive from fundraising is used for Transportation (usually cabs), co-pays, medications/prescriptions and the occasional utility bill.  We have a young man we are currently assisting that said he did not know what he would have done if it hadn’t been for ArtBreakers. We have been able to keep him on his medication for seizures (brain cancer) and pain (blood clots).  He just got hired part time at Publix and we purchased him a bicycle so he could get to work.”

We’ve always done the things that no one else does – we help ALL cancer patients, not just a certain type of cancer.  We received a call from Flagler Hospital last spring – they had a terminal patient that the home she was renting was being “tented and fumigated” for termites – being on chemo she & her daughter couldn’t stay there.  We not only were able to find a place for them to stay for 4 days, it was a condo on the beach (we called in favors) so she was also able to enjoy a wonderful weekend with her daughter.  Priceless!  She cried when I called to let her know we had a place for her to stay.

This is why I keep doing what I do for Artbreakers! Thanks StAR Council!


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