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Horticulture: Eat those edible flowers

Q    I am a vegetarian and eat a lot of salads. What are some edible flowers I can grow to add color to salads?

A    Pansy, snapdragons, impatiens, nasturtium, portulaca, calendula, chives, daylily and rose all produce edible blooms.

 Q    Does the firecracker fern do well here? I have seen it farther south and I would like to plant some for hummingbirds.

A    You can grow it here. It will freeze some winters but generally comes back. It can take over an area if conditions are favorable.

Q    Could you tell me which is hardier and can take more sun: dipladenia or mandevilla?

A    Both plants are in the same family and native to South America. They are practically the same in their light requirements and cold hardiness.

Q    I like the plant called dune daisy. Can I collect some of its seeds to grow for myself?

A  The plant can be grown from seed. Harvest some dried flower heads and plant the seed. The plant is sometimes available at local nurseries.


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