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You can grow daylilies at the beach

Q –   Will daylilies grow at the beach?

  1. Daylilies are salt and drought tolerant as long as they are irrigated with a source of good water. They will grow at the beach, just keep them away from direct salt spray.

Q –    I have some cotton seeds I wish to plant. Do I need to soak the seed first?

A –   Soaking the seed overnight will aid in speeding up germination. Begin by placing them in warm water, then let them sit.

Q –    There is white stuff on the foliage of my California daisy. It almost looks like spit. What causes this and is it harmful?

A –    This is one of the plants preferred by the spittle bug. The white residue is the egg mass of the insect. They do not usually cause any noticeable damage so you could prune out the sack or let it be,


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