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Plus sizes – what’s good, what’s not

Let’s tackle the subject of plus sizes. When choosing a pattern it helps to have a few guidelines.  Dresses are the most flattering garments for the woman with an ample figure.  Garments made of one fabric with a minimum of seaming and a pleasing flare at the hemline are the most complementary.

Tops and overblouses add versatility to any wardrobe.  As a large woman, select these with care.  Top and overblouse patterns have many of the same design line and fit characteristics as dresses, so what looks good on you as a dress style will also work for any overblouse or top.  The length of these garments is what you must be cautious about since you probably won’t be tucking them in.  Generally a top should end a bit below the waist.  An overblouse will look best if it ends in the area of the pelvis.

Jackets need the same consideration as the above.  To complement most ample figures, blazers, shirt-jackets, and other jacket styles will look best at a pelvic length.  When making a jacket, be sure it is large enough to fit comfortably over what it is supposed to fit over.

Pants have been a favorite for years.  Most of the pants patterns in women’s and half-sizes will have fully or partially elasticized waists, and will be meant to wear with overblouses.  Your choice of leg style will probably be limited to straight ones, making it necessary for you to vary the leg width.  What is most important is the length of the top or overblouse you wear with pants.  In most cases, the top of the hips, or just below the pelvis, covering the hips to the crotch, are the most flattering lengths.  Longer lengths for jackets and shirt-jackets are also flattering with pants.

Skirts are avoided by many large women.    The most flattering are wrap, elasticized waists, and flared skirts.

Gored and A-line silhouettes are very becoming skirt styles.  Front and back kick pleats, or several low pleats can be flattering, too.  Steer clear of all-around pleated skirts.

As I always say, the main thing is to be comfortable.  Comfort comes from within.


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After Keeping You in Stitches for over 45 years, Sally enjoys her memories of events that happened on her way to retirement. Author of 6 books, lectures, teaching, and TV host on PBS and now has time for her many cats and Snuggles, the dog. She also loves playing trumpet in the Anastasia Baptist Church orchestra.

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