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You can plant agapanthus seeds

Q:    Some of the old flowers on my agapanthus have gone to seed. Can these seeds be planted?

A:    Collect the flower heads once they are brown and dried. The seeds are enclosed within and are jet black. These can be planted in late summer or saved and sown in the spring. To plant, cover them lightly and keep the soil moist. Once the seeds sprout, they can be grown in pots or placed in a bed. From seed, the agapanthus can take two or three years to bloom.

Q:    A spiky ball has arisen on my allamanda vine. I assume this is a seed case. Can the seed be harvested and grown from it?


A:    Allamanda is almost always propagated from cuttings or layering. You could try planting the seed and since it is a tropical plant, do so when the capsule turns brown.


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