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Propagating ice plants

Lavender ice plant

Q:    We recently moved into a new house. There is a plant that has just come up in a bed and it has a pretty golden flower that looks like a lily of some sort. There were no leaves there earlier in the year. This plant just came from nowhere this fall. What might it be?

A:    The plant is probably the hurricane lily. The most common types have golden flowers but rarer types are pink or red. Lycoria is the genus of the plant. The foliage will decline in late spring and emerge again in fall. It is a good plant to include in a flower bed for fall flowers.

Q:    How can I propagate my ice plant? It does so well that I would like to have more of it.

A:    You can propagate the plant by layering or from cuttings. To layer, pin a stem to the soil and where contact is made roots will form. Then the stem can be cut from the parent and planted out. You can take tip cuttings and root them to get more ice plants.

Q:    I have calla lilies that are four years old that do not bloom. I buy them, put them in and they bloom once and never again. What can I do to make them bloom?

A:    Callas need bright light to bloom, but not full sun. Many people plant callas in too much shade and this will negate flowering but produce pretty foliage. It would be my guess you may have them in the wrong spot.

Q:    There are some dried flower heads on my gerbera daisy. Would these have seed that I can collect and try to grow?

A:    Once the flower head is completely brown, harvest it. You can work the seed loose from the center with your thumb. You can store the seed in an air tight container in a cool place and then seed them out in spring.


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