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On buttons and pussycat bows

A pussy bow or pussycat bow is a style of neckwear often associated with women's blouses and bodices. It takes the form of a bow tied at the neck similar to those tied around the neck of kittens, cats, and the like, according to Wikipedia.

Snuggles out the window

This December my mother would have been 101 years old.  As I reflect on that, I think about how she always wore a scarf at her neck that looked like a bow.  Nothing goes better with buttons than bows.  Buttons and bows.  Peanut butter and jelly.

The ever feminine bow is always ready to add charm to any garment—what more could you ask of a trim?  Bows can be made from ribbon, braid, lace, embroidered bands, self-fabric or scarves.  They can be an integral part of the design of your garment, serve an essential function as a fastening, or simply act as an added adornment.  I think my mother thought of it as an “added adornment.”  She was always known as the lady with the scarf.

Perch bows made of self-fabric or glittery bands on the shoulders of an evening dress.  Replace a worn belt buckle with a tailored bow, with snaps or hooks and eyes underneath.  Add self-tied bows anywhere on a garment.  If your garment has a sash, ties, or a scarf, you can tie them to produce several different effects.  Bows are definitely a timeless fashion highlight.

A Cadogan bow is a small, square bow tied at the nape of the neck to hold curls of long bob back from the face.  Worn below hat brim.  This was named for Cadogan, a British general during 1675 to 1726.  This comes from the style of hair dress worn by men in in his period, contemporary with Louis XIV and Louis |XV in France. The pussycat bow was worn under the chin as a hair bow or as tiny bows on the flounces of dresses.

You might guess that I am a big fan of the pussycat bow! Love my cats.

There are tailored bows and standard bows.  Bows can be made from ribbon-like trims or from self- or contrasting fabric.  Actually a tailored bow is a fake bow made to look like a perfect bow.  A standard bow is a real bow that is tied much like tying your shoes.  Since I am left handed, my bows have always been a little crooked, but I get the job done.

Bows truly are a timeless fashion highlight and I doubt they will ever go out of style.  I know someday I will recognize my mother by her bow.

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