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The holidays sparkle at Palatka’s newest bed and breakfast

Palatka newest bed and breakfast starts off the holiday season in style. Take a look inside the grand opening of the Gand Gables Inn.

Saturday December 16th marks the grand opening of the grand Gables Inn Bed and Breakfast at 603 Emmett Street. It was a wonderful affair, with delicious hors d’oeuvres and a beautiful cake in the shape of a Victorian Mansion.

Guests included a coterie of living historians in resplendent late Victorian attire to make the event even more festive. Live music was provided by The Skinny Lizards, and the entire house was beautifully decorated for the holidays with two large Christmas trees and numerous smaller trees scattered throughout the house. The fireplace blazed with a warm fire, and beautiful greenery and twinkle lights decorated every mantle.

The Grand Gables certainly strutted its finest with beautifully appointed bedrooms complete with period-correct furniture in every room. The windows are hung with elegant, light lace curtains, and the walls boast the typical bright colors of wallpaper that were popular at the time the house was built.

For more information about this 1884 historic home and the current bed and breakfast that occupies it, visit their website at Grand Gables Inn.





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2 Comments on The holidays sparkle at Palatka’s newest bed and breakfast

  1. Frances Greg Walker // December 22, 2017 at 7:18 am // Reply

    So nice to see things going on in Palatka. Hope we begin growing again. So sad to watch it die…so this is a great beginning. Isn’t this the place Pauline Pellicer started on a while back?


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