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Questions on allamanda, calla lilies

Q:   I have an allamanda and would like  to know if I can transplant it now.

A:    Since this is a cold sensitive plant, if you move it now, you will need to protect it if a freeze occurs. Otherwise, wait until spring to move it.

Q:    I read that alfalfa tea is good to use on roses. Do you have a recipe to make it?

A:    Place from one-fourth to a full cup of alfalfa in a cloth and tie it up. Then, put this into a gallon of water. Let the nutrients seep from the alfalfa for at least a day.The “alfalfa tea” can then be applied to your rose plants.

Q:    Will calla lilies grow here?

A:    Calla lilies will grow here—just keep them out of the intense late day summer sun.

Q:  My agapanthus have bloomed and are now making seed pods. Should these be left on or cut off?

A:    If you intend to harvest the seed and plant them to get more agapanthus, then leave the pods. Remove the pods if seed is not wanted to help conserve plant energy.



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