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On African Violets and other blooms

Q:   How do I start African violets? I have good luck with them and would like more.

A:   Leaf cuttings are the normal method of propagation. Cut the leaf from the plant at its point of attachment. Stick the petiole or leaf stem into a sandy mix. Place the cuttings in a humid, bright area. New roots and leaves should form to give rise to a new plant.

Q:   I have a one-year-old African violet that was in bloom when I got it. It has not bloomed since. How do I get it to bloom?

A:   It most likely is not getting enough light. You might try moving it to a brighter area. If the leaves have long petioles and the plant has an open growth habit, it needs more light.

Q:   Is it true that it takes seven years for a Bird of Paradise to flower?

A:   The tales say that the plant can take seven years or needs to have seven leaves before it will bloom. This is not true.  They can bloom when younger and with fewer leaves.

Q:    How do I grow Bird of Paradise?

A:   Bird of Paradise are not cold hardy so they are best cultivated in a container. They will bloom heavier when root bound and this is another reason for growing them in containers. Set the container in a sunny area for best flower production.


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