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Info on Christmas cactus, aloe

Q:    My Christmas cactus is wilting. What caused this to happen?

A:   After blooming the plant will go semi-dormant and sometimes limpness is connected to this. Over-watering and over-feeding can cause the Christmas cactus to wilt. Inspect the roots to see if disease is present there.

Q:    I recently read that Christmas cactus should only receive light from 8:00am to 5:00pm for six weeks to induce blooming. What is the easiest way to control the daylight?

A:    Inverting a large pot over the plant is the easiest way to block out light. If the plant is in a hanging basket, drape it with an opaque fabric.

Q:    When I burned myself I used some aloe on the cut. The area seemed to get very red and not just where I was burned. Is this normal?

A:    Some people are allergic to the sap of the aloe even though it promotes skin rejuvenation. Try some on your skin; if you have a reaction, rule it out as a burn treatment.

Q:    My aloe is getting black spots on its leaves. They have been doing fine but now this is happening. What is the problem?

A:    Aloes are very durable plants. When stressed they can get this disease problem you described. Because of the succulent nature of the plant it is hard to control. I would cut off any of the affected leaves.


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