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Women United lunch Feb. 9

Women united

SAINT AUGUSTINE – The United Way of St. Johns County announces the third Annual Women United Luncheon, Feb. 9, 2018 at the Casa Monica Hotel & Resort.

This year Women United welcomes Lisa Delaney, senior vice president and chief content officer at AMG/Parade, publisher of Parade Magazine, the most widely read magazine in the United States, reaching  over 50 million readers weekly.  As a journalist for over 30 years, Lisa has written for and edited fitness, health, and nutrition publications such as Health Magazine, Cooking Light, and Prevention, among other publications.  She is the founding editor of Spry Living magazine, which is distributed to 9 million households weekly.  She is also author of Secrets of a Former Fat Girl: How to Drop Two, Four —  or More! —Dress Sizes and Find Yourself Along the Way, a memoir chronicling her own fitness and health journey.

Lisa’s talk for the luncheon will include her publishing career and insights from her life changing journey.  Her commitment to wellness, she says, fueled her to take risks and step outside her comfort zone and achieve her goals in her personal and professional life.  “Once I took charge of my fitness and health, my whole life became energized in the process. I saw that I could set goals and achieve them, and—even more importantly, when I didn’t reach my goal, I learned to be okay with myself,” shares Lisa.

Lisa attributes a willingness to face her fears as one of her keys to her success.  “I’ve discovered that the things that scare me most are the things I need to do to really feel satisfied and happy. When I give into my fears, I hold myself back–keeping my mouth shut when I really need to speak up, avoiding people or situations that need to be addressed, saying yes when I should say no — not standing up for myself or for the people around me who need an advocate. Taking the easy-way out, that’s failure to me.”


About The Event

This Luncheon brings together a diverse group of women for a significant, collective effort annually.  Influential women, from the beaches to boardrooms, from academia to the arts, support further education needs of both women and children allowing this generation and the next to successfully reach their full potential.

Since 2015 this annual luncheon has sold out.  All funds raised are granted to programs focusing specifically on women and children who meet the definition of ALICE, an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  In St. Johns County, one in three households fall within the parameters of ALICE.  Recipients of proceeds are Catholic Charities and Food 4 Children.

Luncheon check-in opens at noon with the program starting at 12:30.  Tickets are $65 and may be purchased at or by calling the office at (904) 829-9721.



Grant Recipients

Catholic Charities – St. Augustine Regional office offers food for those needing assistance, including  families, individuals, seniors on fixed incomes, persons with disabilities or chronic illness, victims of violence and emergency situations, employed individuals who need a supplement, or anyone who cannot afford to purchase enough food to adequately meet their nutritional needs.  The food distributed by the Catholic Charities Pantry is obtained through the generosity of the community, including food drives and monetary donations from individuals, businesses and organizations.  Catholic Charities hopes that no family or person goes to sleep hungry.


Food 4 Children

This program feeds approximately 270 children in need every week.  Each Tuesday volunteers purchase and deliver food to South Woods Elementary.  On  Thursdays volunteers pack backpacks for the children to take home on Fridays so that they will have food for the weekend.  Food 4 Kids is completely funded by contributions.  All funds raised go toward the purchase of food and backpacks.



United Way of St. Johns County is the only non-profit organization of its type in St. Johns County.  Since 1957, the organization has built a collaborative relationship of residents, businesses, government, and non-profits working together to meet the most pressing social service issues in St. Johns County, large and small.



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