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Tips on staghorn fern and more

Q:    I have a staghorn fern that is under a tree canopy. The trees were trimmed and now it gets afternoon sun. Will it tolerate this situation?

A:    Staghorns grow best in filtered light. Afternoon sun tends to be intense light. If the light is too much the fern will begin to yellow and frond tips may scorch.

Q:    Where do I put a bat house? I received one as a gift but do not know where to locate it.

A:    Bays like an open area to fly from. Hang it at the edge of a clearing. It needs to be well off the ground, about 12 feet up. It can take a few years before any tenants move in…so be patient.

Q:    What are some plants that attract bees. I want to improve the pollination of vegetables in the garden.

A:    Holly, redbud, magnolia, bay. ligustrum, abelia, sabal palm and basil.

Q:    I have a Venus Fly Trap and I would like to know how to propagate it.

 A:    Venus Fly Trap are propagated from seed. Occasionally you can find seed offered in seed catalogues.

 Q:    I have a Zebra plant that I keep indoors. The edges of its leaves are starting to turn brown. What is the cause of this?

 A:    Zebra plants have little tolerance for chlorinated water. If you are using water straight from the tap, this is most likely the cause of the problem. Use rain water or let the tap water breathe for a day before using it.

 Q:    A friend brought me a piece of a Ti cane from her vacation. How do I get it to grow?

 A:    Simply lay the cane sideways on the surface of a pot of soil. Slightly press it into the soil. Place the pot in an area with bright light and keep the soil moist. It will be several weeks before any growth begins.





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