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Amaryllis bulbs needs some space

Q:    I planted some amaryllis bulbs that a friend gave me but they never bloom. They have been in the ground for about three years but all they grow are leaves. What am I doing wrong?

A:    The bulbs are old enough to bloom. Many people plant amaryllis bulbs too deeply which can negate flowering. The top one-third of the bulb or throat should be above the soil level. Too low of a light level will also reduce flowering.


Q:    Do you know where I could find an angel’s trumpet?

A:    They usually do not appear on the market until late spring and then in limited quantities. To get a quicker start you might try ordering seed and starting some yourself. Most seed companies offer this plant.


Q:    My Lily of the Nile froze. Can I cut it back now or should I wait until later this spring?

A:    Usually frozen plants are not pruned back until spring. Plants with fleshy foliage are the exception. Since its leaves will begin to rot after freezing, cut back your agapanthus now.


Q:    My allamanda is getting a reddish cast to some of its leaves. Is this going to be a problem?

A:    This is a reaction to the season. When cold weather arrives and the plant is still active, it can cause this change in color. The plant will green up as it gets warmer.

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