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About anise shrubs

Q:    I have an anise shrub that gets white flowers. I saw a different plant with a burgundy colored flower. The plants look identical. Can you change the flower color like a hydrangea?

A:   Both plants are an anise but they are different. Illicium anisatum gets the white flower, like you have. The native specie of anise, Illicium floridatum, gets a burgundy colored flower.

Q:    Our home was already landscaped when we moved in. On one side there is an anise hedge. It is not very full. How can I get it to fill out?

A:    Feed the plant at least three times a year to encourage leaf growth. Tip the plant. Cut the end off of each stem. This will cause buds to break further down the stem so the plant will fill out. Tipping can be done a few times a year.



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