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Q:   I saw a picture of a plant called acuba in a landscape book. I like the look of the plant. Does it grow here?

A:    Acuba can be grown in North Florida. It will grow best in partial shade or an area with morning sun. They have an upright growth habit so they can frame an entry or used in an urn. There are variegated and plain types.

 Q:    I have some potted acubas at my front door. There is white stuff on the leaf backs. What should be done for this?

A:    Mealybugs seem to favor acubas. They can be wiped off with a cotton ball that has been saturated with a rubbing alcohol or the plant can be sprayed with a systemic insecticide.

Q:    I have a lavender crape myrtle that looks healthy but has bloomed little in the last two years. What can I do to get more blooms?

A:    For maximum blooms, crape myrtles should be planted in full sun and fed in March, May and September. They bloom on the new wood so light pruning will cause new wood and more flowers. Make sure the plant is watered regularly.



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