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Some basic sewing techniques

There are many variables when sewing different fabrics and sometimes when sewing the same fabric, but there are some basic principles and techniques which will ensure success when sewing any fabric.  It is nice to know there are some basic rules that one can stick by.  I will share some this week and some next week.

  1. Start all new projects with a new machine needle (yes, you read that right. No cheating)
  2. When sewing a difficult or new fabric, choose an easy-to-sew design with minimal seaming.
  3. To save time, stitch it right the first time.  (Easier said than done).
  4. Use polyester thread for more elastic seams.
  5. Test and practice often when in doubt practice before stitching the garment.  If you are doing a new technique, practice it first scrape fabric.
  6. Always wind the bobbin slowly.  Why?  You are going to be surprised at the answer.  When you wind the bobbin on high speed, the thread heats up and stretches.  Then, when sewn into the seam, it relaxed, and the seams pucker. And if they are puckered for this reason, they cannot be pressed out.  Now you know.
  7. Don’t try and sew one-handed.  Hold the fabric firmly in front and back of the foot when you are stitching.  Hold firmly, but don’t stretch the fabric.  When you get to the bottom on the seam, the ends will actually match.  Now there’s an idea.
  8. When you stitch around a corner, always take one stitch over before making the turn.  When you trim the seam and turn the fabric, the corner will lie flat.

These little techniques make sewing so much more fun.Sewing te

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