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Sally shares helpful sewing tips

When I read a good sewing tip, I usually set it aside so I can share it with all of you.  Recently I read a series of tips and I want to highlight the best ones.

I have never been a big fan of making a muslin for everything I make so here is an idea.  If there is a lining involved, use the lining as you would the muslin.  Cut the lining first and be sure and make the seams very generous.  Machine-baste the pieces together and fit this garment, making changes directly to the lining.  Transfer these changes to the pattern.

How about the inconvenience of pressing ribbon?  Don’t go to the iron but turn to the table lamp next to you.  Run the ribbon over any 60-watt to 100-watt bulb.  Be sure and dust the bulb first.

A press cloth is usually made of fabric that you can’t see through which does present problems.  Solve this by using silk organza as a press cloth.  You can see through it, and it can be used dry or dampened on wool, silk, or synthetic settings.  Pink the edges so they won’t ravel.

Many times I have pricked my finger while sewing and as a result got a drop of blood on the fabric.  (This is really upsetting if it is a wedding dress).  Here’s how to get it out. Take a length of white cotton thread, ball it up, put it on your tongue and soak it with saliva.  Take the wet thread and rub it over the fresh bloodstain for a few seconds.

Why does this work?  Because an enzyme in saliva loosens the blood allowing the thread to pick it up from the fibers.

Are you tired of buying pattern weights?  Use old hockey pucks and tuna cans.

To avoid slitting that perfect machine buttonhole too far, place a straight pin at each end of the buttonhole, inside the bar-tacks.  Accidents won’t happen this way.



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After Keeping You in Stitches for over 45 years, Sally enjoys her memories of events that happened on her way to retirement. Author of 6 books, lectures, teaching, and TV host on PBS and now has time for her many cats and Snuggles, the dog. She also loves playing trumpet in the Anastasia Baptist Church orchestra.

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