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Tips on hummingbirds and more

Q:    How often do you need to change the solution in a hummingbird feeder? I have heard that if it spoils it can kill the hummingbirds.

A:    It should be changed every couple of days and the container should be wiped out. Some of the molds that can grow in the sugar solution can cause infection and death to the birds.

Q:   While on my porch the other night I saw something that I thought was a hummingbird. It fluttered quickly but I did not think that hummers would be out at night. Do you know what it could have been?

A:    It most likely was a type of moth. A Hawk Moth will get as large as a hummingbird and they are active at night.

Q:   How do I use lime?

A:    Lime is used to raise soil pH.  Most plants like a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. If your soil is below 5.5 you can add lime to bring it into the desired range. You can use two to three pounds of dolomite lime per 100 square feet to make a pH correction.

Q:   Which form of lime is the fastest acting?

A:    Hydrated lime has the quickest release but it can burn the plants so read and understand the label before using.


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