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Confederate roses and fruit trees

Q:    When do I cut back my Confederate rose to take cuttings for rooting. Also, when is a good time to set out a fruit tree from a pot?

A:    This is a good time to root plant cuttings. As fall approaches growth slows and the optimal time has past. If you wish to plant a fruit tree that is cold hardy and loses its leaves in winter, like a peach or pear, fall is a good planting season. To plant more tropical fruit, like citrus, spring is a better time.

Q:    I plant annuals and then after a few day they decline and die. What am I doing wrong?

A:    Many annuals are stressed before you purchase them. When planting always look closely at the roots. If they are not white and have yellowed or browned. the plant has root disease and will most likely decline. Consider returning them for a refund. Do not place granular fertilizer in the hole since it could burn the roots and kill the seedling.

 Q:    My begonia bed has done well up to now. It is in the sun and is planted with red and white begonias. The white begonias are all brown on the leaf edges but the red ones seem to be fine. They are all treated the same. What is the problem?

A:    Red begonias can tolerate higher light levels than the white ones. This is due to the reddish pigments in the leaf. The hot summer sun is what is burning up your white begonias. Next time combine the red begonias with some other sun loving annual.


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