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Don’t cut those caladium leaves back

Q:    Now that the leaves on my caladiums are fading, is it all right to go ahead and cut them back?

A:    As long as the bulb has foliage, it is best to leave it in place. The plant is storing energy for the next growth season and cutting off the declining leaves can reduce some of the stores of energy.

Q:    I would like to get more winter color in my garden. I have noticed a dark green plant with yellow flowers that is currently in bloom. It is about two to three feet tall. Do you know the name of this plant and what it requires?

A:    Plants in the mum family bloom in our cool season. You are probably talking about a California or Marguerite daisy. They are perennials and bloom best in full sun. They can freeze so plant them in a sunny southern exposure with good drainage or in a large container.

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