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Tree program at Durbin Creek Nursery

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Florida horticulturalist Keith Fuller is teaching a program on trees—their benefits to the homeowner’s landscape and environment, where to plant them in the home landscape and which specimens do the best in North East Florida. Homeowners should bring samples for identification and diagnosis (if their tree is in decline).

The event will be at Durbin Creek Nursery, 4286 Race Track Road, St Johns, (904) 429-7297. Web: on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 from 10 to 11 a.m.

The class is free and open to the public and will be held rain or shine. Light refreshments and door prizes.

Directions:    From St Augustine, take US-1 North and take a left onto Race Track Road. Go approximately 4.6 miles; the nursery is on the left. If you pass D R Horton, you have gone too far. From Route CR-13, turn onto Race Track Road and go approximately 5 miles. The nursery is on the right, shortly after D R Horton.

Questions? Call Jen Phillips at (904) 429-7297 or e-mail her at .


Q: My Don Juan rose has been blooming find. Do I need to cut it back since winter is approaching?

A: Climbing roses, like Don Juan, are not pruned the same as tea roses. You do not give climbers an annual hard pruning like tea roses. Climbers are pruned back by a few inches on each stem whenever they finish a bloom cycle.

Q I have a Cherokee rose that bloomed but now the new growth is curling. I cannot see any problem.

A: Curling of the new growth is most often caused by a sucking insect or a reaction to a chemical. If no chemical has been applied to the plant then it is probably spider mite damage. They are almost microscopic. Try applying a soap spray or use an insecticide.

Q: I purchased some potted roses in spring. Can I plant them in the soil now?

A: From a container roses can be set out year-round in our area. Enrich the area for the rose with peat moss or manure for best results.

Q: Why do roses get thorns?

A: Some roses have more thorns than others. There are some varieties that are called thronless. Roses can have thorns from the time true leaves form.





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