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Shop and sip at The Cultural Center

PONTE VEDRA BEACH –  Shop and enjoy a free happy hour at the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center during the annual Artisan Market exhibitions. From Dec. 3-7 visit CCPVB from 2 to 4 p.m. and enjoy a free glass of wine while you shop. The Artisan Market will remain on display throughout the month of December.

The Artisan Market’s collection of works is an incredible homage to the natural environment and displays unbelievable mastery of artistic mediums, including pottery, photography, painting, and fabric work. This collection is specifically geared toward arts and crafts lovers, with local artists exhibiting works perfect for integrating into one’s home or gifting to a loved one.

Notable artists include Tim Bullard, whose pottery work uses many styles and techniques – some original, some ancient. They are all unique and include Raku-fired ware, Tortured Surfaces, paper clay, and porcelain. Amy Dove is a dyed-in-the-wool fiber artist. Fibers and textiles, tactile and malleable in nature, present Dove with so many creative possibilities. Her hand-dyed silk and wool fibers and fabrics are the basis of her artworks. Through felting, she builds her concepts into form and dimension, while creating rich textures and patterns of saturated colors. A key concept in her work is Wabi Sabi, the Japanese expression of the imperfection in nature that makes it beautiful.  It also conveys the impermanence of nature and the simple truths that change is the only constant, everything is in flux, and nothing is perfect. This concept is evident in her Artisan Market collection. Finally, the work of Masha Sardari takes on a new look at traditional photography. At exhibitions, many mistake her work for painting as she masterfully utilizes a painterly style in her images. Her work is conceptually based on the natural environment, culture, and history. Each piece is softly lit with a natural light source and deeply saturated with color. Her work draws in viewers and creates a sense of wonder.

Other artists such as laird, Marlene Scheer, Valarie Forrester, Karen Bullard, Midge Scelzo, and Simran Arora are showing extraordinary work. Visit the CCPVB to view this incredible show and shop.


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