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How is your garden growing????

Q:    I have a Cherokee rose which was grown from a cutting and is now three years old. The plant is big but I get no blooms. What can I do?

A:    The plant should be in a sunny area. In late winter cut the plant back lightly and fertilize it. Roses are heavy feeders and like frequent light feedings. Make sure it is getting enough light.

Q:    Can I plant a Peace rose this late in the year?

A:    Planting a rose now will give it plenty of time to establish before spring growth begins.

Q:    I have a six-year old sago palm which has browned lower leaves. Can I cut them off now in late fall?

A:    You can remove yellowed leaves from a sago at any time they occur.

Q:    When do I cut back my bottlebrush?

A:   Bottlebrush blooms on new growth. Cut them back in late February before spring growth emerges.

Q:    Can seaweed be used to mulch plants in the landscape? We live at the beach and at times we have plenty of it.

A:   As long as it have been rinsed to leach salts out of it, seaweed can be used as a mulch or organic soil amendment.

Q:    Do roots bother the septic tank?

A:    Roots can grow into the drain field, clogging the pipes. Tree roots are  the ones to be concerned about. Grass roots and other plants with fibrous roots are not of great concern.

Q:   My rosemary bush is thriving. How do I harvest pieces for drying?

A:   Simply cut a few several inch pieces of the plant. Tie a string around the base of the cuttings to make a clump. Hang this upside down in a dry place in the kitchen. The rosemary will be air dried in a few weeks and can then be placed in an air tight container for storage.

Q:   Will shallots grow in the home garden here?

A:   Shallots can be grown here and are treated like an onion. The planting season is from September to March. They are not grown from seed; they are grown from planted cloves. Production takes about three months.

Q:    When I grow radishes they sometimes seem hotter than others. Is this related to culture, weather or what?

A:    The older a radish becomes the hotter it usually becomes.

Q:   How do I know when radishes are ready to pick?

A:.    Most radishes mature from planting in about 30 days. You can pick one to use as a tester to see if the others are ready.







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