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Ornamental peppers are edible

Q:  I have an ornamental pepper plant. It has purple, orange and green peppers on it. Are they edible?

A:    The ornamental peppers are hot. I have seen this plant offered in catalogs and it is listed as edible.

Q:    Can I use wild onions and society garlic to season dishes?

A:    You can use the foliage of these plants as you would use chives or the green part of scallions.

Q:    I want to grow some sweet onions like a Vidalia. What variety should I look for when buying seed?

A:    Look for granex onions. This is the basic onion that is grown and marketed as a sweet onion.

  • Q:    I have a tangelo that is eleven feet tall. Can I trim it back now to a height of eight feet?

A:    Citrus trees do not require pruning unless they have outgrown their space. If you must prune it back, do so in late winter. Pruning in the fall will encourage new growth which is more likely to freeze.

 Q:    I would like to plant a lime tree from a pot. What is the best location and time to do this?

A:    The best spot for citrus is a sunny area about ten feet from the south wall of the home. This is the warmest area on a freezing night. Spring and summer are the best times for planting citrus in our area.

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