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Fuller comments on birds, butterflies

Q:    The birds do not seem to like my bird feeder. It is near the center of our back yard. I keep fresh seed in it. How can I get them to use it?

A:    Birds want to feel safe while they are feeding. If threatened, the birds want shelter nearby to dart into. Place the feeder in a less open area by a tree or unclipped shrub. The feeder is probably too exposed where it is presently located.

Q:  Where should I place a butterfly house? I was given one as a gift and do not know much about them.

A:    They are more for ornamentation than use by butterflies. Other bugs and tree frogs use them more as a resting areas than the butterflies. If you have any butterfly plants, place the house in that area.

Q:   When covering plants to protect them from the cold, is it better to use cloth or plastic?

A:   Plastic covers should not be left on the plant once temperatures are above freezing and the sun is out as this can cause foliage to burn. Cloth covers that get wet can freeze and cause damage if touching the foliage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.



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