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Fuller starting new horticulture chapter

SAINT AUGUSTINE – Keith Fuller is opting for semi-retirement as he approaches his 60th year on this earth. No longer with the nursery in the northwest sector of St. Johns County, he is opting to pursue (on a part-time basis) his first loves: teaching, landscape consulting, diagnosis and design.

After 20 years since 1000 Plant Questions for North Florida and North Florida Gardeners Guidewere published in 1999, he is updating both books and hopes to have them available for purchase in late summer. I’ll let you know when they are available.

In the mean time, contact Keith if you need a speaker anywhere in Northeast Florida. He can also design your home or commercial landscape and see the project thru from concept to installation. Ditto diagnosing horticulture problems and suggesting remedies.

To contact him: Keith Fuller, PO Box 2097, St Augustine FL 32085; Tel:    904-439-9956



Q:    Each morning my walkway has several dead earthworms on it. It has not been rainy so what is bringing them out?

A:    They are attracted to the warm concrete. As the night continues, the concrete cools and the worms become disoriented and succumb to exposure.

Q:    I spilled fertilizer on the concrete drive. How do I take it off?

A:    I assume you are talking about a water soluble product that may have stained the spot blue or green. Leaching the spot with water will help to fade the spot sooner. It will wear away as water and sun react with it.

Q:    Is it okay to use food scraps around my azaleas instead of fertilizer?

A:    Food scraps will attract pests. If you do want to use them, compost them first in a secure container.

Q:    Can I use oak leaves as a mulch? I was told they may be too acidic to use around plants.

A:    The tannic acid in oak leaves is water soluble and leaches so it  will not harm the plant. Oak leaves are a fine mulch and may need a top dressing to anchor them down if you are in a windy area.

Q:    Should one rake out old oak leaves from beds and replace them with fresh mulch?

A:    The oak leaves can be used as a mulch. Mulch should be about three inches deep. As long as the oak leaves stay in place, let the bed be. If the oak leaves blow around, anchor  them in place by placing a light  layer of pine straw or wood mulch over them.


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