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Helpful tips on fruit trees

Q:   I just removed the first clump of bananas from my tree. When will it make another?

A:    A banana plant only bears once. The stalk should now be cut down which will speed the growth of new suckers, speeding future production.

Q:    My banana tree has fruit that is about four inches long. Should I leave them on the tree or should I bring them indoors?

A:   Once all the fingers or bananas have plumped out, the clump can be cut from the tree.

Q:    I have four healthy orange and grapefruit trees. I have had no blooms in two years. Could the oak trees around the citrus be a problem?

A:   Citrus trees should be in a sunny area. If they are in too much shade, they will grow leaves but flowering will be reduced and delayed. If the trees are not getting several hours of full sun a day, then the oaks are a problem.

Q:    I have a four foot lime tree in a pot. When do I fertilize it? When do I prune it?

A:.    It should be fed in spring, summer and fall with a granular citrus food or more often if using a liquid fertilizer. Pruning is not needed unless the plant is getting too large and you do not wish to repot it. Do pruning in summer so you can see where fruit has set and then you can selectively prune and still harvest fruit.

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