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Answers about fruit trees

Q:    I live on Anastasia Island and have a grapefruit tree with fruit. Will deer eat the fruit off the tree?

A:    Occasionally, deer will eat some of the foliage off of citrus trees but I have not heard of them eating grapefruit.

Q:    What is the difference between a tangerine and a tangelo? Will one grow better here than the other?

A:    The tangerine is also known as a mandarin orange. The tangelo is a hybrid cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Both types of citrus grow well here.

Q:    Will any of the following grow here: English walnut, filbert, butternut, brown fig or paw paw?

A:     The fig and the paw paw will grow here. The others may live for a year or two but the mild winters will not allow them to bear and thrive.

Q:    Is the fruit of the loquat tree edible?

A:   Loquat, also known as Japanese plum, bears an edible fruit that is sweet tasting. The fruit is slightly soft when ready to harvest


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