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Tips on African Violets

Q:   I have an aerosol can of insect spray. Can I use this on my houseplants?

A:    Normally the labeling on such products warns against use on plants. The propellant in the spray can damage plants. The insecticide would not harm the plant but the carrier can.

 Q:    I have an African violet that needs transplanting. It is always in bloom and I heard that they should not be replanted if flowering. What should I do?

 A:    You can go ahead and replant the violet. It sounds as if your plant is quite healthy. If the blooms are a concern, you can pinch them off which will take some of the stress off of the plant but this is probably not needed.

Q:   I have a large aloe plant. I would like to know if it should be divided and if so when?

 A:   If it is in a protected area, it can be divided at any time. If you let the clump get too large, the offshoots tend to get floppy and the plant is not attractive.

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