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Propagating a bat flower

Q:   I have a plant called a bat flower that has a black bloom. How would I propagate this plant?

 A:    This is a bulbous plant so in time it should sen

Q:    How do I water my bromeliad? Do I wet the soil or just put water in the center of the plant?

 A:    In the wild they grow in the limbs of trees and rain water collects in the center of the plant. They do have roots and the soil should be moist. I would water both and therefore this task will need to be done less frequently.

 Q:  I have a variegated bromeliad. Its stripes are fading and now the plant is more solid in color. What is happening to this plant?

 A:    Usually when a plant loses variegation, it is not receiving enough light. If it is in low light, move it to a brighter location. It does not need direct light (burning of the foliage could occur).

Q:   I have a hanging basket of Burro’s tail. It has dropped some leaves. Can I root them?

 A:    Many succulents can be started from leaves. Place the base of the leaf into a sandy mix. Keep this in a warm bright area. Leaves and roots will form at the base of the leaf. Make sure the sand mix is moist but not wet to prevent rot on the leaves.

 Q:    Could you give me a schedule for fertilizing Christmas cactus? What is a good potting soil to use on them?

 A:   A soluble house plant fertilizer should be applied every 10 – 30 days, depending on light and growth. The more light and faster growth, the more frequent the fertilization. A mixture of two parts perlite and three parts peat moss is excellent for Christmas cactus.

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