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Cyclamen – one time bloomer

Q:   The flowering cyclamen I bought is finishing up its blooming. Can I continue to grow the plant out and get more flowers?

A:.    It is unlikely that the plant will bloom again. The climate in Florida is less than ideal for this plant. The plant can be set in an area with bright light but not in the hot sun. The plant likes a cool area.

 Q:    My diffenbachia is getting too tall, Can I cut it back? There are no leaves down the stem; they are all at the top.

 A:    You can cut the stem and new growth should arise from a dormant bud. An air layer can also be applied to root the top portion that is to be removed. Once rooted, cut it off and then new leaves will emerge from the bare stem.

Q:   I have a crown of thorns whose foliage is yellowing. I do not think this is due to watering. What could the problem be?

 A:   You might have a spider mite problem. They will make the foliage look mottled and then yellow. Inspect closely and look for fine webbing at the tip of the plant. Hose the plant with soapy water every five days to control mites.

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