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About Spanish moss

 Q:   Can I use water that has been softened on plants? If you cannot use it on plants, what is it used for?

 A:    Softened water is used in the home for cleaning, bathing and human consumption. It tends to leave less water spots and crusting on surfaces.

Q:  Is Spanish moss harmful to the trees it grows on?

 A:    Spanish moss is an epiphyte or air plant. It gets its nutrients for growth from particles in the air. It is not considered harmful to a tree. It can weigh down limbs when wet but that is about the worst thing it does.

 Q:    How do I de-bug Spanish moss. I want to collect some to use in center pieces.

A:  Moss collected from the ground can have chiggers. Moss collected from tree limbs usually will not have chiggers. You can place the moss in a trash bag and spray an insecticide or add moth balls before closing it up. Let it it sit for a day or more before using the moss.

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