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Info on Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia milii, Crown of Thorns

Q:    I have a crown of thorns that needs cutting back. Can some of these cuttings be rooted?

 A:    Yes. A rootable cutting should be four to six inches in length. In this case, take the cutting and let it sit a couple of days before sticking it into the rooting media. This will allow the bleeding latex to dry up. Make sure the media is sandy for best results.

Q: I have a corn plant that is getting too large. When and how do I cut it back?

A:   If indoors it can be cut back at any time. Simply cut through the stem and new growth will arise from the cane.

 Q: I have a corn plant which is indoors and is now starting to bloom. The flower is quite fragrant. Is it unusual for them to flower?

 A: The corn plant is a type of dracena. Many of the dracena have white fragrant flowers and flowering is not rare, it just takes the plants a while to reach that level of maturity.

Q:  I have a night blooming cereus that is 39 inches tall. What should I expect from the plant and how should I treat it?

 A:  The night blooming cereus is an epiphyte. This means that it grows in the branches of trees in its native environment. They are fast growing and bloom during summer nights. It will respond well to light applications of fertilizer. In the tropics it can reach a height of 20 feet.

 Q: What can I do to make my corn plant fuller?

 A: All you can do is cut the came. This will result in more bud breaks and thus a fuller plant. It will take a bit of time for the new growth to appear.

Q:  Can untreated cypress shavings or sawdust be used as a mulch?

 A: Yes, but if using sawdust add some fertilizer to it so it does not compete with the plants for nitrogen.

 Q:  Can I use treated pine for window boxes? I am worried the chemicals might kill the plants.

 A:  The chemicals should not be a problem. Sometimes some leachate may affect the soil but this rinses out quickly.

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